10 Quick Ways to Save On Travel

Money, money, money! It all comes down to cold, hard cash these days, and whilst it’s an unwelcome realisation, it’s something we have to bear in mind. Thankfully there are a few ways we can be clever about travel plans, and try and save a little here and there. Keeping more in your pocket means you can travel further, and we all know the major advantages to seeing the world.

The next time you’re looking to put together a holiday or travel adventure, think a little outside of the box and see if you can save some precious cash. Below you’ll find 10 suggestions to help you do just that, after all, money doesn’t grow on trees, and if it does then I certainly haven’t managed to find that elusive tree yet!

  1. Think about how you get to the airport

Driving yourself to the airport often works out cheaper than public transport, and is much less hassle too. Airport parking with ParkBCP for example is a service that gives you peace of mind, keeps money in your pocket, and cuts out the stress of lugging suitcases across busy stations. You’ll find this service everywhere, especially at the larger airports. Heathrow is a major hub for long-haul flights and if you’re heading from there, check out Heathrow parking terminal 5, where you can be assured your car will be safe and sound, whilst saving you cash! It’s basically win-win.

  1. Search and be flexible

When you’re looking for a flight, the more flexible you can be with your travel day and time, the more likely you are to grab a bargain. Go to a site like Skyscanner and open up your search as much as you can, to compare costs and companies.

  1. Consider hand luggage only

If you’re heading away for a long weekend, or even a week, book a flight with a company that gives you more hand luggage allowance, such as Easy Jet or Jet 2, and be ruthless with your packing. This means no need to add a suitcase onto your booking, which will save you anywhere around the £40 mark for a return flight.

  1. Consider indirect flights

Again, Skyscanner is your go-to for this, and if you find a flight that goes indirect to your destination, but doesn’t add too much time onto your journey, you might find you save here. It’s a case of weighing up the pros and cons where indirect flights are concerned.

  1. Travel out of traditional season

Obviously summer holiday flights are always going to be more, but if you can travel towards the end of season, or right at the beginning, or even totally out of season, then you could grab yourself a cheaper flight.

  1. Consider hostels

Before you discount this idea because of pre-conceived ideas of hostels, stop right there. These days hostels can be just as comfortable as hotels and you can have your own room if you request it. If you’re staying somewhere for a short time and you’re not planning on spending a lot of time in there, it’s a good way to save money.

  1. Share transfers/taxis

If there are several of you travelling, share the cost of a taxi to get you to your destination quicker, instead of spending individual costs on shuttle transfers. You will probably get it cheaper this way and you’ll get to where you’re going faster.

  1. Eat where the locals eat

Tourist prices can be vastly inflated, so head away from the main streets and go where the locals flock. Not only will you get to try some authentic cuisine, but you’ll also find these places are cheaper.

  1. Don’t overpack!

Excess luggage charges can be huge and are usually calculated per kg. Be ruthless and only take what you really need, and make sure you weigh it before you leave the house, just to be sure.

      10. Make use of Avios points, or similar schemes

If you can join a scheme such as Avios, you can earn points to reduce the cost of your travel plans whilst you go about your usual daily spending. These points add up, and any money saved is better in your pocket.

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