A Visual Problem, Solved!

We know that more and more of us are choosing to do literally all of our shopping and ordering online these days. Why? Because it’s so much easier than heading to the High Street to do it all, and we don’t have to carry any bags at the end of it!

From clothing to groceries, holidays to cars, everything is possible with an online connection, but what about your visual needs?

You might think that purchasing glasses online, from retailers such as Vision Direct, would be impossible, because of course you need to try the glasses on! This is a stumbling block, but with progress comes answers, and the Optical Partners Program jumps over this hurdle with ease.

The program has been successful in Singapore, and is due to be launched in Australia before the year ends. Basically, you use your smartphone to make an appointment at your optician’s office, you venture in for your eye test and try on a few pairs of glasses that you like, and instead of making a purchase there and then, you simply head home instead. You browse the huge amount of frames online and you upload your prescription, making your purchase online, at fantastic rates, with a larger selection of frames to choose from!

It’s basically win, win for everyone, and this cuts down on time, cost, and also opens up a whole world of style for those who need to wear glasses either on a permanent basis, or for just some of the time. Of course, this also stretches as far as prescription sunglasses. Once upon a time there used to be a very limited selection of these types of glasses, and that meant that you either opted for thick rimmed, huge sunglasses, or tiny ones with thin frames. If you wanted anything else? Not possible!

Time and progress has changed all of this, and now there are designer brands available, as well as a huge range of frames to suit all budgets too. This all shows that glasses are as much a fashion statement these days as your clothes are, as well as serving your visual purposes perfectly, and exactly to your needs and specifications.

So, the next time you’re due an eye test, opt for a different route and see how it suits you. If you’re keen to save money, time, and give yourself that fashion boost, there really is no better option.

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