Are Subscription Worth Subscribing?

Whether you are a foodie, a beauty junkie, a Shopaholic or a DIY addict, there are high chances that a subscription box service is out there for you. If you are still unaware of what a subscription box is, and what it offers to the people, then it’s the right time to know about it. You can order one for yourself or for a loved on the occasion of valentines day.

A subscription box is a relatively new retail trend which is being widely used by the companies these days to enhance their customer base. These companies send a box of goodies comprising of some good samples of the products from the customer’s favourite brands, or the ones matching their profile with some magazines or other stuff. Sometimes, these subscription boxes come for a nominal fee, and these are often delivered once a month.

Are these subscription boxes worth the money?

Well, the subscription boxes are not very expensive, and the subscribers get a lot of unexpected stuff in their box monthly. While many experts say that the subscription box trends is aiming to decrease the dominance established by the eCommerce industry and online shopping. There are some people who also compare the subscription boxes with the online voucher codes, because both these services give the customers an opportunity to try a new service or product for relatively low cost.

Cheaper Way To Try Products

The online voucher coding services such as “My voucher codes” allow people to access the online codes using which they can purchase the products for lesser than the quoted price, get discounts while dining out or ordering food, and avail lucrative deals. On the flip side, the subscription boxes send the samples of new products on the basis of the preferences of the customers. As a result, the customers get an inimitable opportunity to try the expensive products before actually buying them. This is indeed  a great deal for the customers, as they don’t take risks by buying untried new products.

Reward Points

The little packaged treat is being liked by many people, as they get a surprising bag of goodies each month and try a broad range of products without spending a whole lot of money. For instance, some subscription box services not only allow you to try expensive products such as perfumes, but also give you reward points for reviewing the products after using the samples.

Ideal for Gifting

Apart from providing the opportunity to try the products, the little bag of amazing goodies is also ideal for the gifting purpose. You can gift these boxes to your near & dear ones on distinct occasions such as valentines day, birthdays or anniversaries.

Perfect for Carrying during Travel

We often find it difficult to carry our grooming products bigger packs, which we often use at home while travelling as they acquire a lot of baggage space. But, the miniature samples and packs sent in the subscription box are perfect to carry along while travelling.

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