Five Fun Apps you Should Add to Your Smartphone

Photo Credit: DaveLawler via photopin cc

Photo Credit: DaveLawler via photopin cc

There’s an app for that!

These days we have a world of entertainment in our pockets. Mobile phones are no longer just for calling or texting, they’re for listening to music, reading a book, playing a game, video calling, taking photos, and even watching a movie. With literally an app for pretty much everything, you’re spoilt for choice when you decide to refresh your phone’s content and download a few new games, so how do you know the best from the rest?

I guess it all depends on your preference, but below are five apps and games you should certainly have living within the confines of your smartphone, regardless of its make and model.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Bit of a mouthful to say, but hot on the heels of its hugely popular sister game, Candy Crush, the new instalment is equally as bright, equally as sweet, and equally as fun! You will lose countless hours trying to move onto the next level, just don’t blame me when you get addicted and don’t get your regular daily jobs done!

Social Slots

Most of the games we’re going to talk about are addictive but this one is competitive too, which is just a recipe for no jobs done around the house! The Social Slots app is free, which is great news, and will make you feel like you’re playing slot machines in Vegas! Colourful, great graphics, and lots of new games updated regularly.


If you like to make your phone look fresh and new quite regularly, then Zedge is for you. Regularly updated with wallpapers, notification tones, ringtones and games, you’ll waste hours trying to find the perfect ringtone for such and such a person, or laugh at the various comical ringtones on offer. The best news? It’s all free. You need an Android phone to take advantage of this particular app.


Come on, if you haven’t got an Instagram, these days you’re no-one! Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch, but who hasn’t found a selfie they took and wanted to touch it up to make it look more mean and moody? Or wanted to make a landscape photo look more professional? Well, with Instagram you can do just that and much more, before sharing it for the world to see, if you so wish.


If music is the soundtrack to our lives, then your phone is what plays it! Spotify gives you access to millions of tracks for free, and you can upgrade to the premium membership to enable you to download music to listen to offline. All you need for the free version is Wi-Fi or 3G capability, and you can listen to music, albums, and create playlists. Consider it a walking jukebox!

If you want to be seriously in fashion, these five apps and games should dwell on your phone!

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