Freedom on Two Wheels

Travel isn’t always about what you see, it’s often about how you see it too.

For instance, if you spend your time travelling from airport to airport, you see the inside of the terminal building, and not a lot of the outside. Does this mean you’re travelling? Well, yes, in theory, but are you really exploring and experiencing the destination? Certainly not.

One of the best ways to really get a feel of a place, is to experience it in the open air. Road trips are famously epic for a reason, and whether you venture off for a few days or a few weeks, the effect is the same. Of course, you might not want to be inside a car, and in that case, how about thinking about one of the many motorcycle tours on offer?

Vintage Rides have a huge range of different tours available for those who want to venture out with the wind in their hair, and freedom right in front of them. There are many motorcycle tours in Himalaya, for example, and that really gives you one of the most mind-blowing experiences you’re ever likely to have.

The passing landscapes are not just about green blurring into sand, it’s about the culture, the scent, the language, the food, basically everything about a destination which can be experienced when you’re out there, really feeling it for yourself.

The beauty of a motorcycle tour of this kind is that you can choose to head off on your own, or you can go with a group, and this means you can all experience the wonder of your destination at the same time, on the back of a vintage motorcycle too!

You don’t have to have a huge amount of experience in motorcycle driving, but you do need to have a basic knowledge at least. This obviously means that you know about safety, and you know how to drive, but aside from that, the tour itself is planned out for you, designed to show you the highlights and the easiest way to get from place to place, without missing out on the good stuff. Let’s face it, when you design your own road trip, it’s all too easy to take the long way around, because you simply don’t know any different, or to go the quick way, and miss out on something epic which would have really made your trip something truly special. The beauty of a tour of this type is therefore that an expert has designed it all for you, and if they don’t know what they’re doing, nobody does!

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