Heading Down Under

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Australia, there is no better time than right now!

The weather is amazing, the sights are sparkling, and the vibe is seriously glittering, what better way to experience the wonder of Down Under?

Of course, you are looking at a long-haul flight here, but provided you prepare yourself properly, there’s no reason why you can’t not only endure the distance via plane, but you can also actually enjoy it too. For those who are looking to really plan a long-haul break, Wexas is a great place to head; this is where you will find all the information you need, and in terms of planning an Australia holiday, this is even more important.

Avoid Jetlag and Prepare Yourself For The Flight

Unless you are visiting Australia from a country which is nearby, the chances are that you’re going to be heading off on that long-haul flight we mentioned. Trying your best to avoid jetlag is the only way you can make sure that you don’t have the first few days of your break spoiled. The best way to do this is by adjusting to the time in the destination before you get there, making sure you’re totally rested before you arrive, and also ensuring that you drink plenty of water on the plane. When you arrive do what you would do as if you were living there, e.g. if it is night time, sleep; if it is day time, don’t sleep; if it is meal time, eat.

Plan Your Trip & Research Ahead of Time

Knowing where you want to go means that you can really tailor your break to your interests. Don’t simply decide that you’re going to Sydney just because everyone else does, because whilst this is an amazing destination, your particular interests might be better served by somewhere else, such as heading into the Red Centre, or maybe the Gold Coast, for example.

Understand The Weather Differences

Australia is in the southern hemisphere and that means the weather seasons are the other way around to those found in the northern hemisphere. December is summer, July is winter, but winter is not snow and ice, it’s simply mild! If you don’t like super-high temperatures then the winter months could be a good time for you to venture to Australia.

Do Not Underestimate Distances Between Cities & Destinations

Australia is huge, literally massive, so it’s important to give yourself travelling time. If you’re taking a road trip, as many people do, then it’s vital to take your time, to not only make sure you really get the most out of your time, but also to look after your own health and wellbeing too.

Don’t Give Yourself Too Little Time

The biggest mistake that many people make when visiting Australia is that they don’t realise that there is so much to do; yes, there are amazing beaches to enjoy, but there is also plentiful other experiences to have, and it can be an action-packed break if you try and cram too much into a short space of time. Whilst many people venture off to a summer destination for just two weeks, it’s probably more sensible to give yourself double that time when you’re visiting a destination this far-flung and special.


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