How to Make All-Natural Sunscreen

Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik via photopin cc

Sunscreen – it is an absolute necessity every single day before exposing your skin to the sun, even in the frigid and cold winter months. After recent updates of skin cancer, sunscreen is a must-have for everyone, no matter your skin type.

Although sunscreen is something we should never go without, some of the store-brand sunscreens actually contain chemicals that are, again, very unhealthy and bad for your skin and body. There are some great organic sunscreen options, but these can be pricey. Learn how to make your own, all-natural sunscreen and save money, your skin, and possibly even your life.

Here’s what you will need: -1/2 cup of almond or olive oil-1/4 cup of coconut oil (natural SPF 4) -1/4 cup of beeswax -2 tablespoons of non-nano, powdered zinc oxide. (2 teaspoons is naturally 20+ SPF, but more can be added for higher protection.) -You also have the option of adding 1 tablespoon of shea butter, which is natural SPF 4-5, or vanilla extract to give off a better scent.

Here’s how to begin making your own, homemade sunscreen: 1) In a pint sized or larger container, combine all the ingredients EXCEPT for the zinc oxide. Make sure there is an attachable lid for this jar! Mason jars and other glass jars are great for mixing these ingredients and are handy to have around if you continue to make lotions.

2) In a medium sauce pan, fill with a couple inches of water and place on the stove over medium heat.

3) Attach the lid, very loosely, and place the glass jar with the ingredients in the saucepan filled with water over medium heat.

4) The water will continue to heat, and the ingredients in the jar will begin to melt. Occasionally, shake or stir the ingredients in the jar to disperse heat and make sure there is consistency.

5) Once all of the ingredients are melted, then you add your two (or however many) teaspoons of zinc oxide. Stir the contents and make sure all of your ingredients are dispersed evenly throughout the jar and mixed well.

6) Pour your sunscreen mixture into whatever jar you will use for storage. Tip: This homemade sunscreen does not disperse well in a lotion pump – it is advised to use some sort of tin or other jar to store your homemade sunscreen.

7) Stir occasionally as your sunscreen mixture cools to ensure that the zinc oxide is dispersed throughout your jar of ingredients.

TIP: Using this mixture within a 6 month time-span is ideal and will make your sunscreen more effective.

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