How to Make Hong Kong Extra Special

Finding your way around Hong Kong on your first visit isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, but it certainly does take some familiarity and research before you go.

Planning where to stay in the city should be your number one concern, because you need to give serious thought to how much commuting you’re going to be doing. Hong Kong is a big, sprawling metropolis, and one which you might not realised the sheer size and scale of. The airport itself is a fair distance out of the Downtown area, and for that reason, once you know where you’re staying, you should turn your attention to how you’re going to get from the airport to that actual hotel.

You could of course use a taxi, and possibly end up paying an inflated meter fee, or you could take a shuttle bus, and find that you go around the houses to get to where you’re staying, something you don’t want after a long-haul flight. Another possible choice is to hire a car, but if you have never driven in Hong Kong before, that may not be the best option. The remaining go-to is to go seriously upmarket and hire a limo to pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel – the ultimate in luxury transfers!

Before you panic, this is not going to cost the earth, and it’s actually a cheap option once you really research it. The bottom line is also that Hong Kong is a special destination, so it should be treated as such, from start to finish!

Once you’re in situ, you should then begin to think about what you’re going to do, and when. Hong Kong is a big city, as we mentioned, and that means there are huge air-conditioned shopping malls, nightlife, and plentiful restaurants, but there is a lot of culture too, with beautifully decorated temples to explore, and nature just outside of the city limits. This is something which many visitors to this vibrant city don’t really understand – they see the huge skyscrapers, but they don’t understand about Mother Nature’s backyard, just a few miles away – certainly put this on your exploration list!

The bottom line here is that Hong Kong is one of those destination that for many people will be a once in a lifetime kind of deal. This is not somewhere you can simply head to for a few days’ away from it all, and for most people, this is a long and laborious flight to endure. Make it extra special and worth every second of that air time!

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