How to Start the Blog of Your Dreams


There are so many blogs. Millions of blogs get started every day. And millions fail. Here goes the big question you must be asking, “How do I create a blog that converts?” Below are some excellent pointers that will help you get started.

What is a great blog?

Before you start a blog, you first need to know what defines a great blog. A powerful blog should have the characteristics below:

  • Solutions to problems that affect many people
  • Useful and relevant content
  • A beautiful design
  • Tremendous following
  • Lead capture tools
  • Lead nurturing tools
  • Outstanding conversion rate
  • Repeat sales and profits

If you want to start a blog of your dreams, you should make sure you optimize it for all the above.

Have a list of top blogs that inspire you

You can’t reinvent the wheel, right? It is best to first start with what works. Are you afraid to start a blog on something that’s already been blogged about? Guess what. The fact that those blogs are still getting traffic and sales means that whatever they are doing is working.

Going for a niche that has absolutely nothing written on it is similar to committing career suicide. There are high chances that there is nothing posted about it because it doesn’t make money. Also, don’t go for niches that are majorly unsuccessful.

The best way to get started is to get a list of five blogs that inspire you. You won’t copy them as they are. You can even look out for areas where they are not doing so well and note them down. Your aim will be to make your blog the best on the niche. Those top blogs will give you most of the data you need to get there.

Note that most top blogs do a lot of testing and optimizing. And nowadays due to cut-throat competition, they test everything; design, font, best social media platforms, widgets, lead capture forms, sales pages, buttons, etc. Getting inspiration from then will mean you’re using proven data that actually works.

Remember you’re a startup and they’re established, so keep doing your own testing and optimizing. Some solutions might work well for established blogs but need to be taken slow on new blogs. For you to achieve the best results, test continuously.

How to start a blog

Starting a blog is simple and can be done very fast. Just follow these steps:

  1. Register a likable and memorable domain name
  2. Host your blog
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install a brilliant theme
  5. Optimize the appearance of your blog
  6. Install necessary plugins for specific functionalities such as social sharing, SEO, image optimization, blog caching among others
  7. Register for an email marketing service
  8. Install a lead generation plugin

Nowadays, points 1 to 6 above are really easy to do, and there’s unlimited info about them online. Number 7 and 8 are optional but very powerful. They should be mandatory to any serious blogger.

Do a quick research and make sure all the brands you use e.g. domain registrar, web host, email service provider, lead generation plugin, etc. have excellent reviews. Most services even allow you to test drive them for a while before committing to them. Take advantage of this.

Write excellent content

You can’t get away with poor content. Your content needs to be top-notch at all times. It should answer your audience’s deep questions and solve their problems. It should keep them coming back whenever they have an issue on your niche. Great content encourages readership, time on site, clicks on ads, comments, subscriptions, and sales.

If you’re not an excellent copywriter, hire one. There is very high competition between blogs, therefore every sentence on your blog counts. Content is what will eventually help you increase your profits.

Since our attention spans are getting shorter and distractions increasing, it’s good to ensure that you mix up content types. Therefore, deliver your content through text, images, videos, podcasts and infographics. You don’t have to do all of these but at least use 2 or more content types for best results.

Market your blog

Even with the most brilliant content in the world, you need to ensure that your blog reaches the right audience. Otherwise, no one will even know you have a blog. Market heavily and widely. Below are some of the methods you can use to market your blog.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Guest posting
  • Forum posting
  • Remarketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Joint ventures
  • Video marketing
  • Podcasting

Keep in step with the latest marketing trends in your niche. In this fast moving world, new ways of doing things always emerge as some old ways become obsolete. For example, methods such as posting in article directories and social bookmarking are now not as effective as they once were.


To start a blog of your dreams, you need an excellent strategy. You also need to constantly learn and take action using the latest trends. Use the above methods to ensure your blog is well done from the word go. With consistent action, you’ll soon enjoy the power, influence, and profits that come with being a top blogger.

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