Interesting Ways to Pass the Time During Winter

Photo Credit: Pensiero via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Pensiero via photopin cc

If you live in a country that has four seasons and brutal winters, there’s nothing more you’d want to do than just stay at home, watch TV and snuggle under the blanket. Thing is, that activity can get boring if you keep doing it every single weekend. Here are a few extra tips to pass the time during winter.

  • Go online gambling –This takes a bit more skill and a bit of extra money & time on your hands. You can search the web for the best online gambling in NJ for traditional gambling with card games, virtual roulette tables, and stuff you see in a real casino. You could gamble pretty much anything – the name of the next Royal Baby or which team would win in a game. Alternatively, you can also sign up for one of that fantasy football game sites.
  • Online Shopping – If you’re bored and you need fresh supplies, why not go online shopping instead of popping to your local store? That will save you the effort of lugging the items from a cart to your car and finally to your house – you get them delivered straight to your doorstep! Be careful though, a bit of online shopping can lead to buying more stuff than you really need. Take advantage of shopping portals to make the most of your credit card rewards.
  • Read a book/magazine – If you have a lot of subscriptions, it’s time to cut back on your growing stash of print that’s been gathering dust in your storage. If you don’t like reading books then now’s a time to start! Head over to your local library to pick up some of the mainstream books that everyone’s been talking about. You’ll never know – you might actually like reading!
  • Learn something new– Take up an online course, be it an accreditation that might be useful for your job, a language course that you may need on your next travel destination, or just something that you’ve always wanted to do or learn.
  • Winter activities – If it snows quite a bit and you have an excess in your backyard, might as well make snow angels or have snowball fights. It will help you get rid of excess snow and you’ll have fun too! Then you’ll have the option of going snowboarding, skiing or sledding. Winter doesn’t have to be sad and frigid all the time, it can be fun too!

If you need more inspiration for activities to do during the winter, you can check out the following sites:

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Association of Fish & Wildlife Agency – still deciding what else you can do? Well, this pdf has 101 things to do outside during the winter!

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