Moving Into A New Home

Moving into a new home? Here are 5 new items you might want to consider

We understand that moving can be a stressful time so we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favourite new gadgets to help make your decision that little bit easier.

Smart speaker

Smart speakers are the latest craze with both Amazon and Apple offering their own product, battling to deliver the best product. These new smart accessories are voice activated and once plugged in they are always listening, waiting for your command. The speakers answer your questions, play games and play music on command. They are a glimpse of what is to come, marking the beginning of a new age. Soon, we will all have our own home assistant.

Instant hot water tap

If you’re someone who drinks a lot of hot drinks or enjoys cooking, you might want to consider an instant hot water tap. The tap comes with the option of a safety feature for children and you will never have to wait for a kettle to boil again. They often come paired with a chilled water tap, offering refreshment on a hot day, so you don’t have to resort to lukewarm water from your normal tap. For a cheaper alternative, you could purchase a Wi-Fi operated kettle, letting you boil your kettle from your phone from the other side of the house.

Smart TV

Smart televisions are becoming increasingly popular and are a must have in any new home. They are can connect to Wi-Fi, giving you the option to watch catch up TV on the big screen as well as YouTube or Netflix, or other systems that are not available on standard television. Equally, you could purchase a plug in device that offers a similar service, without having to buy an entirely new TV. Both Apple and Google offer this gadget, letting you stream content from your phone to your television.

Drinks fridge

If you host regular parties, then a commercial fridge might be a good option for you. You can keep your drinks cool for guests, without having to take up space in your normal fridge. These display fridges are a must have in any modern kitchen, holding anything from wine and beer to soft drinks.

Robot vacuum

Automatic vacuums are a saviour for anyone with a busy schedule looking to replace their old vacuum. Although are often not as powerful as a standard vacuum cleaner, they remove the burden of one tedious household chore and look very impressive. They are convenient and many can be controlled by apps even when you are away from the home.

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