Must-Try Family 4WD Trips in Australia


Are you planning to take your four-wheel drive for a spin? Want to bring your children along? Searching for fantastic spots you can visit?

Well, Australia and its 4WD tracks won’t disappoint you. The country does have some harsh landscapes, but many of the 4WD routes are no longer as dangerous as it used to be, thanks to recent 4WD advancements. A number of these paths, in fact, can set you up for a fun and exciting family trip.

Here’s the lowdown on five of your options for a 4WD trip across Australia.

Gregory National Park (Northern Territory)

Sitting between the Northern Territory’s semi-arid and tropical regions is the Gregory National Park in Victoria River Downs. Spanning about 13,000 square kilometers, the park has remote but scenic 4WD drive tracks that will take you to rivers, bush trails, and waterholes plus sites where you can go bush camping in true Aussie fashion and find traces of Aboriginal culture.

Take the Bullita Access Road and the Buntine and Buchanan Highways to reach the tracks. For fuel, vehicle repairs, banking facilities, public telephones, emergency medical care, and accommodations, you can head to Timber Creek and Kalkarindji.

Jimna and Conondale Forests (Queensland)

If you’re seeking forest tracks, the Jimna and Conondale area in Queensland has a number of easy to extreme routes worth trying. You’ll find deep ravines, waterfalls, rock pools, streams, and creeks, where you and your children can swim. Just don’t forget your map.

The forestlands make for great camping grounds, too. Jimna, which can be accessed via Sunday Creek Road, is particularly popular among families on 4WD trips. Its Peach Trees site alone can accommodate as many as 300 campers. While you’re in the area, also check out the Jimna State Forest Tower and the historic museum-cum-local shop.

Fraser Island (Queensland)

A 4WD trip to Fraser Island in Queensland promises to be a fun adventure for any family. You can enjoy camping on long stretches of sand, walking through rainforests, and taking a dip in child-friendly swimming spots. The vibrant coastline and enormous cliffs in the area will leave you in awe, too.

If you can’t bring a vehicle of your own, just avail of the 4WD rentals or go on 4WD coach tours. The latter can last from one to five days, and you can opt to spend the night on a camp site or in a resort. Departure points include Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Kingfisher Bay Resort, Nooda, Rainbow Beach, and the Sunshine Coast.

Huon Valley (Tasmania)

Want to go on a 4WD journey that brings your family to great picnic, camping, and fishing (think blackfish and trout) spots? Set out to Huon Valley and the Tahune Forest Reserve in Tasmania. The area’s rainforest is a sight to behold, especially when viewed from the tree tops of the Tahune Forest Airwalk. Dover, a fishing village, can be reached by driving along the Huon River.

There are several 4WD tracks you can take to Huon Valley. One is the 14-kilometer-long Jeffery Track. This scenic route goes through the Wellington Range from Lachlan to Crabtree and then leads to a path from the Derwent Valley to your final destination.

Just remember to keep an eye out for cyclists who also use the track. Note too that chances of a snow cover are high during winter.

Corner Country (New South Wales)

For those who want to experience the real Outback, the 4WD track from Broken Hill to Cameron Corner is just the right choice to make. The almost 500 km track presents you with a constantly changing landscape, from salt bush plains to purple gibbers. Your kids will have the time of their lives watching the wildlife from your vehicle.

You will also pass by little towns with authentic timber pubs that still serve as the local meeting place. Don’t miss checking them out!

When you arrive at Cameron Corner, find a place to camp out and entertain the kids with stories about the stars, visible in billions in the clear, cloudless night sky. Download the Night Sky app on your smartphone and show them where the constellations are.

With a 4WD, it is very easy to find a track you can take for that epic family trip. Just don’t forget your supplies and emergency kits, and you will soon have the adventure of a lifetime!

photo credit: SplaTT via photopin cc

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