The Evolution of Graphic Design

Did you know that the term ‘graphic design’ has been existing since 1922? However, it was only adopted in different parts of the world after 1945. Graphic design has not always been only amazing images with the use of technology. This profession has been evolving since years and years. From visual communications to advertising to art to printing… let’s look at the milestones of graphic design.

The first known visual communication was found in Lascaux caves in Southern France. The symbols and pictograms are believed to have been drawn 15,000 B.C. Paper then invented 105 A.D in China; Ts’ai Lun was the inventor of this amazing material. In 1276, the paper mill and printing finally reaches Fabriano, Italy. The perfect printing system was born in 1450 and the credit goes to Johann Gensfleisch Gutenberg. Claude Garamond opened the first type foundry in 1530, and started to sell fonts to printers.

In 1760 came the industrial revolution, and it set the first stages of the advances for graphic design production. Years later, in 1800, Lord Stanhope created the first printing press which was made of cast-iron parts which required manual labour. It also doubled the size of paper. The year 1869 saw the birth of the first advertising agency, N.W. Ayer & Sons. In 1880, the halftone screen was made and it allowed the first photo to be printed in different tones. From 1880 to 1920, the world saw the inventions of different things such as magazines, newspapers and the typewriters.

The term ‘graphic design’ was then used for the very first time in 1922. It appeared in an article written by W.A. Diggins in the Boston Evening Transcript. It is as from there as graphic design became an important aspect of the printing business. From 1932 to 1954, different types of fronts such as Times New Roman, Univers 372 Type Family were created. The first design book entitled ‘Thoughts on Design’ was also released in those years. The graphic design we are used to came in 1984 and 1990 when the Macintosh computer and the first version of photoshop were released respectively.

In the 21st century, graphic design is present everywhere. It has become a major component of our daily lives whether you live online or not. It influences people’s minds when it comes to social ads or products. For instance, Fluffy Favourites slots steals the show at the best online bingo site- Lucky Pants Bingo. The game has been created with great designs and do not go unnoticed. And just like the name suggests, it does not take time to become the favourite of all players! The symbols are so realistic that it makes you want to cuddle up the fluffy toys!

Indeed, the advancement of technology has changed the world of graphic design. The role of a graphic designer is now to give expressive form to images so that less content is communicated but with more meaning. It’s almost impossible to go through a day without seeing at least one piece of graphic design.


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