Uber Heads To Canada To Start Working On Self-Driving Cars

Uber is creating an artificial tech hub in Canada to speed up the development of self-driving vehicles. This new research development team in Toronto will be headed by Raquel Urtasun. She is an associate professor at the University of Toronto and is also the Canada Research Chair for computer science and machine learning. This new team unit will employ many engineers that will be focusing on AI for self-driving vehicles. All of this is happening as the legal fight going on with Waymo over the alleged stealing of some Google technologies continues to drag on.

What Exactly Is Uber?

According to uberestimate.com, Uber is a location based app that potential riders can download onto their smart phones and use to find a ride from a driver in their area. It makes hiring a quick, on-demand and private driver super easy. To the riders using the service, it is an affordable and safe taxi-like service. With a few button pushes, you can have a driver at your destination to pick you up and take you where you need to go. You also have the ability to see where on the route your driver is on the way to get you.

For Uber drivers, it is a great way to work for yourself and make a good part-time or full-time income. Drivers are able to make their own hours, work as much or little as they want and have practically limitless income potential. As a driver, you will use your own car to drive customers around. Because you are using your own car, it won’t matter if you have an online title loan out on it. With a title loan, you can still use your car as usual while you are paying it off.

How Uber Works For Passengers

As a passenger, getting started with using Uber for rides is simple as can be. All you have to do is download the app and create an account. Within the application, you will be able to get estimates on rides, choose preferred payment methods and pick your vehicle preference. The best part about using Uber is that it is a cash-free ride service. Once you are done setting up your account, you can simply open the app and set your pickup and drop-off locations. You will also be able to pick your desired car service and then request the ride. It is so quick and easy to do.

How Uber Works For Drivers

The best thing about working for Uber as a driver is that you get to be your own boss. You will be able to work when you want and earn a decent wage from the comfort of your own vehicle. If you love meeting new people, being an Uber driver is the perfect way to meet all kinds of new individuals on a daily basis. There are only a few requirements to become a driver and you can get started right way.

Is Uber A Safe Option?

Uber takes safety very important. All passengers get to rate their driver and overall experience after each ride. Additionally, each Uber driver has to pass a criminal background check in order to be hired. If a driver gets constant bad ratings from riders, they will get fired quickly. While safety has been a priority for Uber from the beginning, they have recently made it an even bigger one. The company has been working hard to give their personal security protocols and overall user experience a complete redo.

Uber In Canada To Work On Self-Driving Cars

The Toronto team, as stated earlier, will be working diligently on creating software for object-recognition for self-driving cars to be able to operate as safely as possible. This will be the first R&D operation lab for Uber outside of the United States. It is going to be a branch of the Advanced Technologies Group from Pittsburgh where there were earlier tests being conducted on self-driving vehicle systems. The company also uses self-driving, experimental vehicles in Arizona and San Francisco. Urtasun has declined to answer whether or not Canada will become the next spot to have a test center for this technology.

According to an article on Forbes.com, Uber’s main reason behind heading to Canada is to work on perfecting the autonomous vehicle systems as quickly as possible. The company realizes the amount of work to still be done. However, they hope that with the combination of cutting-edge hardware and software and a global ride sharing network, this vision will quickly become a reality.

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