What Supplements/Food Help You Lose Weight?

Photo Credit: Noodles and Beef via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Noodles and Beef via photopin cc

It seems that the journey towards a healthier lifestyle is a popular path that many are beginning. While this shift in lifestyle is definitely for the betterment of your overall wellbeing and happiness, it is also not an easy change to make. The beginnings of your journey of health should begin with modifications to your diet and exercise.

Both adjusting to modifications in physical activity as well as eating healthier can be difficult, and it’s important to do sufficient research to find out what the best diet is for you before you begin your new fitness regimen. Both healthier foods and dietary supplements are a great start to a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a look at a few foods and supplements to help you kick start your new life.

1)  Vitamin D—Research shows that this vitamin helps to ensure that your cells are responding to insulin, and are in charge of getting glucose into the body cells that burn glucose for energy. Lack of vitamin D can also mean lower levels of leptin, which is a hormone that tells your brain when you are full and when it’s time to stop eating.

2)  Protein—It is extremely important to at least eat a certain amount of protein at least twice daily. Protein preserves your muscle mass while you shed pounds, and it also keeps you full longer, making it less likely for you to snack in between meals and remain hungry.

3)   Omega 3s—These switch on enzymes which trigger fat-burning in cells. Aside from this, they also help boost your mood. Omega 3s are found in salmon (which also contains vitamin D) and some nuts and seeds.

4)   Polyphenols—This antioxidant is mostly known in green tea, and gives this fat-burning liquid the ability to boost your metabolism and your health. Drink a cup of green tea when you are feeling hungry—you will literally feel the warmth going throughout your body, burning calories and curbing your appetite to resist unnecessary snacking.

Aside from these four dietary supplements, there are many more that can help jump start your way to shedding the extra pounds. Don’t forget to make sure you are also getting the recommended amount of exercise and drinking plenty of water. Also consult your doctor before starting your dietary regimen to make sure that it is safe and the best route to go for you.

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