Why Is San Francisco so Popular?


Out of all the cities in the USA, you will probably hear the names of certain ones more often. New York, LA, Washington, Miami – these are four of the most popular, but another one which is regularly associated is San Francisco.

San Fran is a beautiful city, one which is very easy to explore on foot, as well as having a very easy to use public transport system. One logistical issue you may need to face is how to get from the airport to the city itself, and that can be done in many ways – you can hire a taxi, take a bus, or you can go one further and perhaps hire a limo! What better way to start or end your break in total style than this?

Of course, once you are in the city and you are settled into your hotel, maybe one of San Francisco’s many RV parks it’s time to get out and about, checking out the sights for yourself. There are some iconic sightseeing opportunities you need to grab with both hands, and the main two speak for themselves – Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz.

These are probably two of the most popular and well-visited attractions in the city, if not the country overall! Ferries to Alcatraz leave from Fisherman’s Wharf, a fantastic entertainment district in its own right, however do be aware that because of the popularity of this particular destination, you should think about getting there as early in the day as possible, to avoid the worst of the mid-day crowds. The bridge however can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from many different viewing points. There are certain times of the year when the strange summer fog comes down and envelops the Bay, and parts of the bridge seem to disappear almost entirely from view! This is a fantastic photograph to have in your collection from your time in San Fran.

We mentioned Fisherman’s Wharf, and as the name would suggest, this used to be the main fishing hub of the city back in the day. You can still see examples of this nowadays, and there are many fantastic seafood restaurants in this area too, making this the go-to part of the city if you are a fish lover! In the Fisherman’s Wharf area you will also find Pier 39, the iconic entertainment district.

Pier 39 is home to a huge range of different attractions, and this is certainly an area to spend at least a day or two exploring, especially if you are travelling with kids.

There’s no doubt about it, San Francisco is a fantastic destination, no matter what guise you are travelling in, and one visit will surely not be enough.

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