Why You Should Stay in Melbourne’s CBD


When you visit Melbourne, you have lots of areas of the city to choose from. So why should you stay in the Central Business District (CBD)? Here are some of the top reasons that this is definitely the must-visit area of Melbourne, whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure.

Close to Business

If you are visiting for meetings, you can’t position yourself anywhere better than the CBD. You will be close to a lot of company headquarters, right in the heart of the area where business is done in Melbourne. Why not choose to be in walking distance of the places you need to visit? It really makes no sense to stay anywhere else.

High Quality Hotels

Because this is a business-oriented area, you can find accommodation and hotels of the best possible quality. If you want 5 stars, you can get 5 stars. If you want a spa, you can have a spa. Business meeting rooms, gym facilities, laundry, suites? All available here. You want to be comfortable during your stay, so finding a good hotel is a must.

Shopping Opportunities

If you enjoy shopping, then the CBD is full of opportunities. The Bourke Street Mall is right around the corner, filled with boutiques and outlets that offer fantastic products for you to browse through. Between Elizabeth Street and Russell Street, you will also find the majority of shops and boutiques in the area. Whether you’re a dedicated shopper, or just want to pick up some souvenirs, this is ideal in terms of location.

City Circle Tram

Flinders street – Melbourne CBD

It’s important to be able to get around easily, and you can do so with the City Circle Tram, which passes through the CBD regularly. This tram is actually free to hop on and off, as it is mostly orientated towards tourists. You can get around easily and also see a lot of the city’s sights using this tram. Not having to pay for transport is always a plus, no matter what area of the world you choose to visit.

Nightlife Proximity

When it comes to the evening, get ready to have some fun. Nightlife is very prominent in the CBD, with Best Rooftop bars arrayed along Lonsdale and Swanston Street. You can let loose, mingle, and enjoy a few drinks here when the sun goes down. On the other hand, if you are worried about the rowdy noise when you want to get some shuteye, you can stay near the Flagstaff Station. As it’s closed on evenings and weekends, this area tends to be very quiet at night. Perfect! It’s not only the nightlife which is close, by the way – you will find high quality restaurants and cafes in the Melbourne CBD whenever you need them.

By this stage, you shouldn’t need any more reasons, but there are plenty more – such as the fact that the CBD is definitely the most happening place in Melbourne. You can find a lot of variety within a small space here, which makes it perfect for almost any traveller!

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